Continuing education credits offered

Furthering Education

We believe approved education programs are a worthwhile investment—especially when they increase an employee’s overall value to our customers and improve job performance. We encourage employees to further their education and training in work-related areas—and we may provide employees with the financial support to do so.

Who is eligible

Education assistance may be available to any full-time, regular employee who has been with Lieberman Management Services for at least one year of service and who has a satisfactory performance rating.

The department head must approve the course prior to class enrollment. Qualifying courses suit the position expectations of an employee’s current job. Qualifying courses include:

  • Business courses toward degree of working profession.
  • CAI courses for Property Managers and those in training
  • Professional certificates or licenses as required by the position in the company
  • Seminars or continued education credits for certifications and professional accreditations

If you wish to pursue an advanced degree program, we will consider your individual objectives and the company need.


We will reimburse up to a maximum of $1,000 per employee per calendar year. We will reimburse employees for the actual cost of the coursework, textbooks, and any applicable laboratory fees. The percentage of reimbursement is based on the grade achieved in the course.