Help with insurance needs and claims

Getting You Covered

Association insurance can be complex—and it shouldn’t be something you have to work through on your own. We offer comprehensive property and liability insurance coverage under a Group Insurance Program.

When you sign on to use Lieberman’s Group Insurance Program, you get the benefit of our Risk Management Department. This department creates, implements and introduces safety policy to comply with your association’s need, legislation, and industry practices. The department will also coordinate and develop organization-wide programs to limit risk within properties. Risk Management will work, communicating with attorneys, insurance companies and your Board in regard to insurance claims, attorney’s liens, and lawsuits. The department will also do what they can to minimize asset loss, investigating incidences, implementing loss mitigations, and modifying procedures where necessary.

This popular Group Insurance Program is based on group purchasing power and has saved clients an average of 20% on their premiums when compared with the cost of the expiring policies.

Benefits of joining the Group Insurance Program include:

  • Lower premiums
  • Higher, more affordable limits
  • One point of contact for insurance questions
  • Centralized claim reporting and tracking
  • Partnership with Hays Companies

The Group Insurance Program is underwritten by well-known insurance companies, such as The Hartford (A+ XV) and Commonwealth (A- IX). We have chosen policy lines from companies that are rated as “Superior” or “Very Strong”. Financial strength ratings are provided to consumers by third-party rating organizations. These organizations review the financial performance and condition of insurers to provide opinions regarding strength, operating performance, and ability to meet obligations to policyholders.

It’s also why we offer an On-Staff Insurance Specialist to guide you through setting up, understanding, and using your policy.

Our Lieberman On-Staff Insurance Specialist:

  • Provides one point of contact
  • Understands the complexities of Association insurance
  • Provides extensive experience and expertise to develop policies to fit your Association needs
  • Acts as your advocate through claim processing
  • Is available to attend board meetings to respond to specific questions