Learn about new initiatives

Ways To Better Serve

Progress cannot happen unless you find ways to adapt, change and improve. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers. Below are a few new initiatives we have recently added to make your experience working with Lieberman even more beneficial.

In Good Company

This is our newest vendor partnership program that brings value added service and improved costs to your association. Through the program, our associations have access to a broad network of knowledgeable, trustworthy companies, from financial partners to day-to-day service providers. These partners will offer you exclusive pricing or special terms through pre-negotiated master contracts. Read more about In Good Company.

Focus on Outstanding Service

We have a committed corporate focus on delivering outstanding service. Over the past two years, we have put a heavy emphasis on customer service and ongoing training in our corporate culture. Below are just a few of the topics we have presented on at company meetings in an effort to focus on customer service and ongoing training:

Customer service ideas and topics presented at company meetings:

  • Staying in the moment
  • 212 degrees- going the extra degree
  • Active listening skills
  • Creating client info profiles/sheets to better personalize their service
  • Sharing WOW stories
  • Establishing meaningful customer service initiatives
  • Controlling the message the customer receives
  • Delighting the customer—above and beyond triangle
  • Treat people how you would like to be treated—respect
  • Having a positive customer service attitude

Ongoing training at Lieberman:

  • Monthly orientation for new staff
  • Weekly manager meetings to discuss topics, including customer service initiatives
  • Customer service training for staff provided by third parties including Training Connections, Ritz Carlton, Maria Perez, Michael Brown, Christine Corelli
  • Review of Resident Services agent work, and listening / monitoring calls to ensure the level of service needed is met