We take care of everything

When your Association chooses Lieberman Management Services, you get much more than a management company. We will be there for your Association as trusted advisers, consultants and teammates with one goal in mind—to use our extensive knowledge, experience and passion to make your life easier and bring out the best in your property.

We take everything you don’t want to deal with out of your hands, assist you in streamlining expenses, and offer you efficient tools in addition to our productive and helpful staff. Our award-winning Web-based Association management program eSTAR and our staff are set up to make your Association run as simply and stress-free as possible.

At LMS, our team works to preserve and enhance the value of every home we manage. With our services, you know that everything from budgets to repairs is managed with your best interests in mind. With LMS, you have chosen a partnership that your entire Association will value.